Danby Volunteer Fire Company

Danby, NY • Organized 1946

When you need us,
can we find you?
Make sure your
house number stands out!

House Numbering for Emergency Services

Sign Ordering Information

If we can't find you, we can't help you

Most houses have some kind of address numbering to identify them. However, numbering which is compliant with NYS law and perfectly suitable for helping the post office to deliver your mail may not be enough in an emergency. We have missed poorly numbered addresses and had to turn around. Please help us find you when seconds count:

Sign Ordering Information

Green, reflective address number signs and posts to mount them on are available through the Fire Company. Under a grant, we are able to offer these at no cost to Danby residents who are senior citizens or who have disabilities. To order a sign, please download and complete an order form, and return it to the Fire Company:

We will also help install a number sign at your request.